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Mission and Purpose

CABGen emerges as a solution to the challenges faced with the exponential increase in data generated by genomic sequencing of antimicrobial-resistant bacteria (AMR). In response to the urgency to combat AMR and bridge the gap between generation and analysis of genomic data, CABGen offers essential functionalities such as species identification, detection of resistance-related genes and mutations, assignment of a clonal profile, and verifying plasmid existence. These tools simplify and enhance the analysis and interpretation of biological data, providing valuable insights for clinical applications.
Furthermore, the system is constantly evolving to meet growing demands, with plans for the installation of a new server that will allow up to 60 parallel analyses, as well as robust storage capable of supporting up to 120,000 samples. The security of CABGen is ensured by both the firewall of the Scientific Computing Program (PROCC) network and Fiocruz's rigorous security policies.

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Ana Paula D'Alincourt Carvalho Assef
Responsible for coordinating the project, analyzing phenotypic, molecular, and sequencing results, and sending the results to the Laboratory Environment Management System (GAL).
Fabrício Alves Barbosa da Silva
Responsible for managing the use of the Fiocruz server for genome assembly and database development for genome availability.
Felicita Mabel Duré Pérez
Ph.D. student in the Computational Biology and Systems Program of the Doctorate in Health Sciences International cooperation between Fundação Oswaldo Cruz and Focem-Mercosur - Paraguay.
Melise Chaves Silveira
Responsible for analyzing the results obtained in whole genome sequencing.
Rodolpho Mattos Albano
Researcher at UERJ.
Cláudio Marcos Rocha de Souza
Responsible for managing the laboratory activities of LAPIH and lyophilization and storage of bacterial samples.
Nicolas da Matta Freire Araujo
Responsible for developing the new version of CABGen's front-end.

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